Car Rental Package Prices for Homecoming, Here are the Details

Car Rental Package Prices for Homecoming, Here are the Details

Various choices of transportation modes for going home to their hometowns can be chosen by the community, ranging from buses, trains, planes, and private cars. However, the last option still seems to be the favourite, because it has many advantages, such as a more flexible and relaxed time.

In fact, for people who do not have a private vehicle, Miami Slingshot Rental are willing to rent a car. In fact, with prices higher than normal days it is not a problem.

Well, one of the most sought-after car rental services in the Jakarta area is in Cililitan, East Jakarta. In this area, there are almost rows of car rental services, one of which is PT CUJ (Cililitan Utama Jaya).

“Usually, during the Eid season, we package them. There are five days, seven days, up to 10 days with varying prices,” said Andi Sulardi Effendi, one of the owners of CUJ car rentals, when met at his office, Wednesday (8/5/2019).

The price, Toyota Avanza 2017 and Daihatsu Xenia 2015 for a 10-day package is priced at IDR 6.5 million, seven days IDR 4.9 million, five days IDR 3.75 million.

While the 2015-2017 Toyota Avanza, the 10-day package is Rp. 6 million, the seven-day package is Rp. 4.5 million, and the 5-day package is Rp. 3.5 million. Smaller cars, such as the 2016 Brio AT, package for 10 days of 6 million, seven days of Rp. 4.5 million, and five days of Rp. 3.5 million.

Meanwhile, the 2018 Brio AT package is IDR 6.5 million for 10 days, IDR 4.9 million for seven days, and IDR 3.75 million for five days.

Those who want to rent a Toyota Innova can also, but the unit is not currently available. The price is Rp. 8 million for a 10-day package, Rp. 5.6 million for seven days. Likewise with the Honda Mobilio, 10 days Rp 7 million and seven days Rp 4.9 million.

Well, for daily rentals, it is usually priced at IDR 400 thousand, and the Lebaran homecoming season must choose a package price.

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If you want to rent a car for Eid homecoming, these are the requirements

If you don’t have a car for Lebaran homecoming, then renting or renting a car can be the right choice.

So, don’t be surprised if car rental services ahead of Eid have increased significantly. Although, currently there are quite strict conditions for renting a car, and especially if the system is unlocked or does not use a driver.

As explained by Andi Sulardi Effendi, one of the owners of the PT Cililitan Utama Jaya car rental, these strict conditions are in place to prevent criminal acts, such as cars being taken away.
“The requirements for renting a car are divided into two, namely removing the key and using a driver. For the driver himself, a photocopy of the KTP of husband and wife, parents, membership card (KTA), employee certificate, or driver’s license (according to residential address).

Andi continued, the requirement to release the lock must also use a photocopy of the building land tax (PBB), electricity bill, and telephone account. Then also, must have their own house or homeowner who guarantees. If you don’t have a family (still with your parents) you must know your parents or there is a guarantee.

“Later, after that it will be surveyed, whether or not you can rent a car,” he said.

Meanwhile, to use a driver, the requirements are a photocopy of your ID card or other identity, a telephone number that can be contacted (home or office from Telkom), and if not available, a survey must also be carried out. If the tenant provides a vehicle guarantee to rent a car, such as a motorbike, the vehicle registration must use a personal name.

“For other conditions, all vehicle damage is borne by the tenant, non-packaged use (- five days) the price is determined approximately one day before the rental, and so on,” he concluded.
In addition, for the cost of renting a car, you have to pay in full, or you can pay a down payment first, and pay off when you pick up the car from the rental place.