7 Fashion Styles Can Be Inspiration for Teenage Girls

7 Fashion Styles Can Be Inspiration for Teenage Girls

A cool, simple but attractive outfit is always an option for teenagers. This fashion style is an inspiration for most teenagers to be used in various activities.

Not infrequently fashion styles like this are also sought after and used for outfits every day. Like the outfit from Sitha Marino. Sitha is the younger sister of actress Putri Marino.

Sitha Marino is known to be quite good at mixing and matching various outfits, from colors to styles that are quite casual but still look cool. This fashion style from Sitha can be a choice for teenagers to use in various activities.

Here Popmama.com has summarized 7 Sitha Marino fashion styles that can be an inspiration for teenage mamas.

1. Showing a pretty elegant impression by wearing a white long dress

Appearances using this long white dress can be a mama’s choice, like the style used by Sitha Marino on this one.
This kind of display gives a fairly simple impression but still gives a graceful impression, so it is very suitable to be used for formal events.

2. Look elegant with a crop blouse along with a floral skirt

Combine a crop blouse with a v neck shape which is perfect for relaxing. Also use a skirt that has a floral motif so that it gives a simple impression but still gives an elegant side. White label clothing style can be used when you want to go just to relax or have a picnic with friends.

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3. Showing a simple but cool style with a white T-shirt and cargo pants

Want to look cool just by wearing a t-shirt? certainly can. Like the outfit used by Sitha, this one looks very simple and also simple.
Wearing an oversized white t-shirt plus dark brown cargo pants. In addition, wearing sneakers can make your appearance more attractive and look cooler.

4. Relax by wearing a crop top with high waist jeans

This retro but stylish style can be a choice for mama’s children to just go hang out and play with friends.
By combining a crop top plus high waist jeans, it gives a simple impression but also gives an attractive appearance.

5. Using a plain white shirt combined with hot pants for a casual look to the beach

Confused about choosing an outif to the beach?
This simple style can be a mama’s boy choice. Wearing a plain white shirt coupled with hot pants gives a simple appearance but also gives a comfortable impression when wearing it.

6. Look simple and cute with an all black outfit

The all-black casual style has always been the choice of people because it is considered suitable for use anywhere, both for formal and non-formal events.
One of them is with an outfit like this, by wearing a black crop blouse coupled with black loose pants and sneakers in the same color, making the appearance cooler and cooler.
In addition, this appearance also gives the impression of being simple and not too difficult.

7. Combine a black shirt with simple high waist ripped jeans

The appearance with the next casual and relaxed style is what most often inspires many people.
By wearing a plain black shirt coupled with pants with a high waist ripped jeans model, it gives a fairly simple impression. Also use sneakers to make the appearance more attractive and cooler.

Prediction of 2022 Fashion Trends, Bright Colors will Become Idols

Approaching the turn of 2022, fashion trends will certainly soon change with a wide selection of new trends that are increasingly interesting and are predicted to boom in the coming new year.

In the 2022 fashion trend, it is predicted that it will be dominated by bright and bright colors that you can combine with other solid colors.

In addition, the trend of fashion models in 2022 will also be dominated by streetwear style and modern interpretations of classic fashion.

So, Mama, are you curious about the fashion trends that are predicted to boom in 2022? Here Popmama.com summarizes the information below.

1. Entering the summer of 2022, the fashion trend will start with bright yellow

The first fashion trend that is predicted to boom in 2022 is bright yellow. Yep, entering the spring and summer of 2022 is indeed the perfect time to experiment with bright colors to support any activity.

If the fashion trend in 2021 is dominated by pale yellow, then in 2022, the classic sunlight with a touch of neon like radiant yellow is predicted to be a new color trend.

2. This time there is a plaid skirt that is suitable for a casual look

This plaid or plaid motif has indeed become one of the popular clothes in the fashion industry. However, who would have thought that in the 2022 fashion trend, plaid skirts will re-enter as clothing that is predicted to boom in the coming new year.

Having a simple yet elegant motif, it’s no wonder that plaid skirts have finally become the choice of many people to combine with various other outfit inspirations.

3. Apart from yellow, silver clothing is also predicted to boom in 2022

Clothing in silver is often the choice of many people to give a fancy and elegant impression when attending various celebrations.

Even so, you can still use clothes with silver color that can be used for daily activities.
Yep, you can mix and match with other casual clothes, such as combining a sweater with a silver skirt or pairing a silver shirt with jeans or short pants.

4. Bandana top, scarf-wearing fashion that will be a trend in 2022

You may be familiar with the top bandana clothing that has become a trend in the summer of 2021. However, the top bandana is predicted to be booming again in the summer of 2022.

Wearing a bandana does feel like the right way to enjoy nature in the coming summer, so it’s no wonder this outfit is so popular.

To improve your appearance, you might be able to wear a bandana combined with jeans to make your appearance even more charming.

5. More cutout dresses, namely dresses with asymmetrical cuts

The 2022 fashion trend which is predicted to boom next is more cutout dresses or dresses with asymmetrical cuts at the waist and neck.

Fashion cut-outs have also become another major trend in 2021, with slashes being strategically removed from the front, sides, or back to reveal the skin that wears them.
Not surprisingly, this dress is again a very suitable choice to be worn when welcoming the summer holidays in 2022 later. Mommy interested?

6. The combination of bold color combinations using solid colors

Furthermore, there is a bold color combination that will become a fashion trend in 2022. Starting from the color combination of magenta and army green, pink and red, bright yellow and purple.

Yep, spring 2022 is a great time to try a bit more daring experimenting with lighter, brighter colors.

So that your appearance still looks appropriate and doesn’t look pushy, try mixing solid colors for a kind of custom color-blocked outfit. In addition, add simple accessories to complete your appearance.

7. Mini skirts that are suitable for sporty to casual looks

The trend of wearing mini skirts is said to replace the mididress trend which has become a trend in recent years.
Mini skirts will make your appearance look sweeter and more feminine, making it suitable for sporty to casual looks. You can combine mini skirts with cardigans, oversized jackets, crop tops to oversized shirts.